[Solved] Why my video dosen't start at the beginning of the scene?

hi am going to build a live motion background for my game but i can`t use sprite because have to compose the .gif or .mp4 file to unlimited images and place them manually because gdevelop not support .gif files :slight_smile: btw i tried to add a video file as background and i added loop and play video code at the beginning of the scene but nothing happen and video not played! can you help me please to fix this ?

A warning is displaed when you add video object, have you read it ?
Wiki is more detailed.

i test everything but still video not played!

The video cannot be launched at the begenning of the scene.
You need force user to click or press key before launch a video.
This is due of limitation of Google, we can’t avoid this problem.

It’s like serveral games, you need interact with it for access to the menu.

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