[Solved with update]Pinch extension bug, or maybe just with the update

Hey all, possible bug. Working with my project I notice that now the Pinch extension does not work for camera zooming. In fact the whole project freezes when I attempt it. I thought maybe I changed something somewhere so I closed the project and opened an earlier saved version that had been in complete working order at the last save. It wouldn’t allow camera zoom with pinch either and also froze the game. So I closed out, restarted the pc and created a fresh project with only the Pinch extension, some text objects to track touches etc and bam, still not working and freezes. Sooo, I went to examples and got the multiouch example that creates markers - works beautifully. I install the Pinch Extension into it and go to run a preview without even adding any conditions to enable the pinch extension and - as soon as the second touch hits the screen, freeze.

Thanks for reporting, I confirm the issue :slight_smile: