[SOLVED]Yarn ClippedLineText not working, please help!

Hey guys, I’m new to this so it might be something obvious that I am missing, but the text I am trying to display simply disappears when I run the scene. After 0.5 seconds instead of showing the text I have in the yarn node it just seems to delete the text object. The funny thing is if I replace the DialogueTree::ClippedLineText() with the DialogueTree::BranchText() it works and it shows the text I have inside the node, but all at once which is not what I’m looking for.

You might double check your timers. You’re never starting timer “pla” so there’s nothing scrolled onto the clipped text. (Timers must be started before they’re used, so the condition “The Timer “pla” > blah” will never activate).

Not necessarily the cause of the issue, but definitely could cause you trouble.

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That was the problem. I’ve added the start timer “pla” at the beginning of the scene and it solved it, thanks a lot!

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