Some Bugs in the "Step by step tutorial for GDevelop"

I followed through your tutorial and notice some bugs.
First the bullets are not centered properly out of the turret.
Second, explosions are way off from where they should be.
I downloaded your copy of the code and noticed some differences. Your version seems to have a different behavior in the tanks and the explosions happen in the proper location.
Both versions the text does not display the proper font in the game.
And then I did notice some minor differences in the code. Their don’t appear to be a a way to to the code the same as the tutorial or your source provided.

The first event action in mine will read “Rotate Turret towards MouseX(”",0);MouseY("",0) at speed 0deg/second"
Yours is shorter and states “Rotate Turret towards MouseX(”",0);MouseY("",0)"

The forth event mine states “Rotate Enemy towards Turret.X(Center);Turret.Y(Center) at speed 0deg/second”
Yours states “Rotate Enemy towards Turret”

I don’t know if those are whats causing the game play difference or if its a problem with the new version.

I found the origin of the explosion sprite needs to be set to 120 and 115
The tanks seem to follow the way the turret turns, in your version it doesn’t. This is due to event 4 being different.

Hi dafly, welcome to the community :slight_smile:
The tutorial is actually quite old and should be rewritten sometime. The rotation action has been improved and can rotate the object either instancly (value=0 - the behaviour from the tutorial) or over time (value>0).

I had a look at the tutorial in order to correct the statement concerning explosion origin but after a little thinking I came to the conclusion that it would be better to adjust gdevelop rather than the tutorial. I guess the best way would be to let the user choose what point to use when instancing a new object - the origin at the top left corner (which is used now) or another point like the centre.