Some interface elements are still French even if I select EN

Of course I’ve changed my build to English, but some things are still in French!

From simple things like this that can be skipped:

…to whole interface of plugins (here is 3d Box, but it may affect others as well):

It’s maybe a problem with translation not loaded at the good moment.

May be, but I don’t think so, since most of it is English anyway. I’d rather bet on missing translation strings.

Fixed, thanks :slight_smile:

These strings were indeed not marked as translatable, it’s corrected for the next release.
I’ve made a quick check and I think it is the only extension suffering from this issue, but let me know if there are other strings not translated. :slight_smile:

After double clicking object in scene editor (by the way - I think double clicking object in scene editor should bring up its properties)

I’ve indeed totally forgotten to translate some strings that have changed since the last version. :blush: However, these strings shouldn’t be numerous and it will be fixed in the next release ( or if I release another updated version for linux for example. )

Your app uses GNU gettext (.po/.mo files), right? Then maybe you could share them here and tell us where we should copy them?

These files are available in [GD folder]/locale/en_GB/GD.[po/mo].
Here is an archive containing these two files updated with the latest translations: ( Extract them and replace the files in [GD folder]/locale/en_GB by the new files ) (236 KB)

3D Box object editor translations are not fixed as the issue is concerning the extension itself. Action “Create an object from its name” will change in the next version and so some strings concerning this action could be missing.

Thanks. Also dialogs where you input variable name and initial value (doesn’t matter if global, scene or object) are untranslated.

//edit: And either I’m doing something wrong or these translations don’t work - elements I provided (except 3D Box) are still untranslated and I unpacked them where you said to unpack (then when it didn’t work I tried even unpack to en_GB/LC_MESSAGES but it didn’t work either)

Lighting extension and particle one isn’t translated either.

It’s fixed, thanks.

For catching untranslated strings, I suggest changing your GD language setting to English rather than rely on us to provide wrong or missing translations since we may not catch 'em all :wink:.

I use GD quite frequently in english but I don’t use all of the extensions very often. :slight_smile: