Some questions about save/ loading in HTML5 game

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In native game we can save data into the player’s computer. Only player using that computer can overwrite that saved game.
Since the data in HTML5 games is not saved into the browser’s cache, how GDevelop manage the data for different players?

Let’s say, I create a HTML5 game. I upload it to Kongregate or somewhere else. When somebody playing the game, and then the game progress is saved, will that saved data overwritten if someone else playing the game and then saving the progress? I hope not, but if it is, how can I make the saved data not overwritten every time different players saving the game?

The data is saved in player’s browser so that each player has its own data. (It’s in the webstorage, not the cache)
(This question has been answered many times already in the forum.)

That’s great!
Thanks for the answer, Victor :slight_smile: . I only read one post about this before, and I didn’t understand it. Sorry I forgot (this time) to search the forum before asking.