Something is weird in GD5 (some issues)

I wanted to talk about this for a while now but I was waiting to see if I can find a way around it or just to see if it gets fixed with newer releases. The problems I encountered are problems that happens suddenly, and most of them happens both in a new project or my game that I’m working on since beta 30
I couldn’t reproduce any of the issues I noticed because it just happens while working on the game or in the preview, it’s very random. Here are some of them:

1- (Happens all the time with some objects in my game) When I open a scene, some objects are there but not visible, I have to press Ctrl+Z in order for them to appear again.

2- Sometimes I add a new event and test it in the preview and it doesn’t work or it bugs out but not because something is wrong with the event, it’s in GD … so in order to fix this I have to close GD5 and open it again and boom it works.

3- Sometimes Global var. don’t work the right way and I have to restart GD5 to get that specific global var. to work (and some other times it just works from the first time, like I said it’s very random)

4- Today something very weird happened (took 30 min from me to figure out) I have this object and it should work like normal (I test the game almost daily) but today it just don’t want to work, I didn’t change a thing about it or any events so I went to the level and then I removed the object and add it again and boom it works again :thinking: and I was like, what??? I didn’t change a thing about the events or the object but because I deleted it and added it again … it worked …

5- One time I opened the preview and some objects didn’t load, it happened a while ago but it was a one time thing so I think it’s fixed now because I never had this issue again.

6- GD5 would crash suddenly while changing between scenes or loading some scenes (especially bigger ones) It’s getting better with every update that’s for sure but it’s still happening from time to time. (Ram usage don’t go above 50% in case you’re wondering if I’m out of ram or not).

GD5 is getting better with every release I can definitely see that but some issues are just there and I wish I could re-produce them for you to see but It’s very random to determine the cause.
Hope this will help you in fixing bugs and stuff like that, it’s not a very big deal, well … sometimes it is actually a big deal because it could take an hour to determine the problem and then all I had to do is restarting GD, it’s kinda annoying sometimes.
Anyway I just thought to share it with you here in case you didn’t noticed these issues and if I noticed any new issues I will add it.


I am sorry you are experiencing those issues but sadly it is hard to tell what might have caused this. If any of those issue happen, could you try to tap Ctrl-Shift-I, both on opened previews and on the GDevelop editor, and screenshot everything in the console tab of the debugger that opens? That would help much to get an idea of what might have happened.

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Here is some advice, however, it will not correct the problems.

I think you are already aware of this points. Opening several instances of GDevelop at the same time is not encouraged.

The previews are stored in the temporary Windows folders %tmp%, it is good to clean this folder from time to time even if the risk of opening an old preview is near of impossible.

Resources are not always refreshed in the editor.
Invisible objects could be related to a slightly too slow file loading, but in this case, the object should use a temporary image.

These problems are the most difficult to identify.
Opening the console as suggested by Arthuro could be a start.

Having a video of it would be great, Nvidia allows you to save a video of the last 30 seconds or more. Or if you have a VOD of a recent stream this can help us, just think to note the timecode.

@arthuro555 Really sorry for late reply but No worries, thankfully the issues are not consistent or happens when you do a specific thing so I always try to keep GD light most of the time by not opening many scenes at the same time and stuff like that, but if it happened again I’ll make sure to use Ctrl-Shift-I and post it here.


Yup I know about that, the problem is that sometimes while you’re working you might just forget so yeah I always try to remember this while working.

I do clean %TEMP% all the time and a lot of other places, windows 10 is such a mess to work in it with all the bloat it comes with, whenever I install a new windows I optimize the windows for maximum performance disabling useless services and disabling telemetry which can cause some performance issues and a ton of other things, I do it also because I play a lot of games so this stuff really help, but yeah I do this cleaning stuff all the time.

Hmm… That’s interesting and I think it’s the cause, because the game has so many scenes and hundreds or recourses (I’d say even thousands) it takes a while to load the project in GD, it takes like 8-15 seconds maybe where a simple platformer project loads almost instantly.

Definitely, whenever I get any of these issues, I’ll check it out for sure.

Yeah but then again it’s so random like I might work for 10 hours in a day and nothing happens and then another day I work for 30 mins and GD just decides to crash, but with that said I might consider doing that in the future.

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