Sometimes my reveal and attach logic works and sometimes it doesn't

Hi, sometimes my logic works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not sure why?

I’m trying to have minda search for a randomly placed moving staff , once retrieved, she takes the staff and is able to flip the sheepcoins to reveal random sheep. There should only be one white sheep, once the white sheep is found, it attaches to her, she wins the level and the timer is paused (she needs to do this all before day 14, if not, the level starts over - I also don’t know how to implement this timing part). However, sometimes there is no white sheep at all once all sheep are revealed, and sometimes when it is revealed, it doesn’t attach to her. Is there something wrong with my conditions?

You condition to set sheepfound cannot be a subevent of is in collusion with coin if you delete the coin first.
Ether move delete coin at the end of those events, or move the is in collusion with sheep out of the is in collusion with coin part, or use mindas position instead

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