Sound Game in android

Hello, why when I build my android game the sound game dont play, some one can Help? and How can save highscore whith android game after build it.

Hello there! I had the same problem too ! It looks like sound maynot play in lower spec phone !
Try it on a better phone ! Mine played on better phone !

And For the highscore , there is an example ! Just learn from it or just copy it and put your own scene/global variable name in place of older one!
I was having the same problem too a month ago but now I know it! :relaxed:

Thank. please, tel me, did you know how can use virtual keyboard with texte entry on android game after build?

I am sorry ! I dont know it

So how you use Text Entry Object on android game? with PC it’s Work very well

I have never used that object till now :joy::sweat_smile:

:sweat_smile:thank no probleme

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You can’t yet, i think this request in on roadmap.

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Ricardo Graça had created a virtual keyboard but I do not know how to use it, I have the file with me

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This is the link of it

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