Sound not playing after a few minutes?

hello I have a sound that plays when you press enter at the start scene but if you wait after a few minutes then press enter it won’t play the sound? I have checked preload sound in the resources but I still have the same problem.


Is it in editor or build ?
Maybe after some minutes, the Editor “loses” the focus. But it requires a “first user action” in order to play sounds (that’s how browsers work).

It’s an idea. No test, not sure, just a guess :smile:

in the editor preview it appears to work fine but definitely happens when exported web previews. I searched the forum and did find the issue happening but only for touch screen/mobile and using chrome browser that requires a “first user action” to play sound. my game is not mobile or touch control but I’m using chrome browser to preview.

Does everything else happen? The fade and the scene change?

Edit: I remember reading posts about sound files in subfolders. Can you change where the file is or maybe try a different file?

Can you share a reproduction project please?

here is a download link to my project that has the sound issue. when export to web and at the start if there is no interaction after a few minutes then enter is pressed the sound won’t play.

I haven’t interacted with the game, I hit enter after 5 minutes without focusing the browser, and I can hear the sound.

(I use Chrome on Windows)

One strange thing I found in the project is the path on the resource.
You use / in path.


But the resource use \ see the suggestion in the selector:

The same problem exist on the action to preload the sound file.


You can also try to preload from the resource panel.

thanks I changed the path from / to \ and checked preload sound then exported to web and after a few minutes pressed enter but still no sound. I’m also using chrome and windows.

I noticed checking the preload resource name path uses \ and the file path below uses /