Sound not playing after playing once on Channel [Solved]


I am trying to play a sound on channel 2. It plays the first time but then it doesn’t play to whole sound when repeated. I prepared a small video to show the events and the preview but i am not sure on how to upload the video.

Probably not the issue, but you do have loop enabled, no other sound playing on the same channel at the same time, and not in a “trigger once” event? And hello :slight_smile:

Either put it on something like youtube and share the link, or put it on a file share system (Google drive for example) and share the link.

Also, add a screen snip the events to the thread. It could be another action is turning it off.

Here is the link to a quick video that I made to demonstrate the problem.

Have you tried it by making the “Play Sound” call as a subevent of the event, so it is sure to play AFTER the scene change? I watched your vid, and I am thinking it is playing and changing scene at same time, so once the scene has been changed, the sound will stop. I believe you can uncheck that behavior in the scene properties, so that sound will carry through over scenes, also, but haven’t done it myself, so it is only a vague recollection. Don’t know if this helps or if you have tried it already, but maybe it helps.

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Snobunni!! You absolute genius and legend. You solved the issue. Thank you so much.

All I did was go into the scene properties and unchecked the stop music and sound on startup.

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Cool! :sunglasses: I have gotten so much help reading these forums, glad I could repay that help back!