Source Code in apk

Hello, I am needing to know exactly within the apk generated with gdevelop where the SOURCE CODE is located, what file names it has, I hope you can help me, thank you

As far as I am aware, there is no source code in the apk. It is a compiled application and you cannot go back from apk to source code.

Thank you for your response and if I have the project open in G develop, even without transforming it into an apk, where can I put the advertising codes that are not from admob?

Sorry, I have no idea. Generally you would not add that to your source code, you’d need to manually build out the logic using events or js events.

thank you! I will look for tutorials on how to add interstitial ads by time. I am new at this. greetings

I personally wouldn’t use ads to your game.

Most people use ad blockers anyway because they find the ads annoyingly intrusive.

What is the ad network btw?
If they have Cordova dependency, you/someone may create an extension.