Space Slide is Published!!

Thanks to all the helpful people here in these forums, my Game is complete and published to Gamejolt.

There is no download, and it is free on Game jolt.

To play it :

1: Go to
2: Search for Blu MunkeeProductions (No space between Munkee and Productions)
3: Click on Blue MunkeeProductions in the right hand square.
4: Click on the Space Slide Thumbnail.
5: Scroll down a little bit and an ad will play. At the end of the ad the game will automatically start.
6: Hit F11 to go to full screen.
7: Enjoy!

I really hope you enjoy playing my game as much as I have enjoyed learning to make it with the great support of this forums and group of extremely helpful and patient Devs.

Those of you who helped me learn, your names are in the Credits. If I forgot to add your name, please forgive me.

Why not just put a direct link to the game?

Don’t have time to check it out now, but certainly will later/tomorrow.

A few issues (playing the online version):

The game is bigger than my screen.
The game does not respond very well (if you try to move and aim and fire altogether then everything does not all work).
First level seemed extremely difficult (perhaps because of what I said above?)