Spatial sounds do not adapt to camera angle

Hello, i’m making a 3D roller coaster tycoon game where the player sees the park from above.
I’m trying to add spatial sounds and it works pretty well, I play sounds from the position of the objects placed in the park, and the players hears it differently in stereo based on the camera’s position.

My problem is: sound spatialisation doesn’t seem to change when I rotate the camera?

As long as the camera’s angle is 0° its fine, but if I rotate it to, for exemple 180°, the sound is still played as if the camera’s angle was 0°.
It can result in weird behaviors because when the camera’s angle is 180°, objects on the right side of the screen play sound in your left speaker, and vice versa.

Is there any way to fix this problem? I tried using sin() or cos() to change the listener’s position based on the camera’s angle but I couln’t manage to make it work.

Thank you for reading.