Spawner issues!

Hello, I am trying to create an autorunner where these enemies simply moves in from right to left but there should some space inbetween allowing for the player to jump. The only way i can do it right now is putting in high arbitrary nos. in the RandomInRange,( that also it doesn`t work properly) What is it that i need to do here? Help! Check the attached image.

Your RandomInRange looks a bit large - most screens go up to 1920, so spawning a block at 20,000 X coordinates seem overkill, so I’ll have to ask stuff:
What’s happening that you see as “not working correctly”? What do you intend to achieve?
Specifically, the block/enemies are going from the right of the screen to the left using instant force? Or the player is moving from left to right, and the camera follows the player character?
And… if not, why use RandomInRange in the spawner?