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Hello, in Sprites, you can put a very big number of sprites in 1 animation, one method is select all sprites in same time and put automatically in animation.
So the question is: Can i put fast a big number sprites in different animations?
Now i have to put one sprite sheet of TEXT and is tedious…
i’m going Animation 1, Sprite A, Animation 2, Sprite B

I don’t think there is, but it would be quite useful. Maybe request it as a feature?

Nop, but now i going to post!

I’m not sure I understand the question.

Are you asking if you can:

  1. Create a new animation for a sprite object.
  2. Click the “+ Add” button
  3. Select multiple images in the file browser that pops up.
  4. Each image will be added as new frames of the animation

or B:

  1. Create multiple animations
  2. Click add on one animation
  3. Select multiple images in the file browser
  4. Somehow have this add to multiple animations

Which of the above? because A: is already possible today in the engine.

I made the post, and added an edited image (That image)

i mean the option B (Why can’t I just answer “B”? The system tells me NOT to post an empty message…)

Minimum of 20 characters allowed in your post to avoid spamming, no worries.

That said, keep in mind what you are asking for is quite a bit more complex than your image. How would the engine know what is a new animation?

If you are using a sprite sheet, sprite sheets don’t indicate what is one animation or another.

So you’d need some sort of editor and manually map out every single animation in one sprite sheet.

If you mean multiple files, the same issue occurs, as you still have to manually tell it which image is for which animation.

Not saying it isn’t possible, just keep in mind that it may not be feasible.

As an alternative for fast splitting of a sprite sheet on a single animation, here is another method How to Import a Sprite Sheet using Piskel [GDevelop wiki]

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Sprites divided, is it possible to link in the position of the sprites in pc? I mean the PC automatically puts the image from left to right, top to bottom. Your selected sprites can respect those rules for splitting! (I think Gdevelop uses these rules to drop a large number of sprites in 1 animation)
How respect the number of sprites and animations…
You have 49 animations and 50 sprites, all the sprites are released in 49 animations and the 50th sprite is released again in animation 0 .

And your question, maybe you can put an animation selector? For example:
Animation (select number) to (select number) to split

Do you think is good idea? or possible to implement in Gdevelop?

I don’t have any decision rights about features, but I’m not sure your methodology above really solves any of the concerns.

Your above suggestion just would mean people have to re-edit and reorganize their sprite sheets to match a specific format (most sprite sheets available on itch.io or elsewhere are automatically packed and do not have a special order), which potentially would be more effort then just splitting them and selecting all of appropriate sprites by themselves.

So this leads to:
The engine would need to implement some form of official sprite sheet support just for reading the sheets.
There would also then need to be special logic added to split the images in reference (A map out of of all of the images where you have to define x/y of each sprite, then their height/width/etc)
There would also need to be a way to define which sprite goes to which refrence.

  • So is if physically possible to build? Sure!
  • Does it actually save time for users? I don’t think it does, no. You’re going to spend as much time mapping out your sprite sheets as you would splitting them.
  • Would it be possible to add to GDevelop? Maybe, as I said I’m not a judge of this or involved in any way. I was just trying to further understand what your ask was.

@Silver-Streak and @MrMen In my petition post “Sprite Fast Place” I slightly changed the idea, assuming that it generates many problems, as I mentioned Silver-Streak, so, I would like you to comment on this change and if it is more feasible or less alters the system, since NO requires GDevelop to recalculate the size of the images and distribute them right off the bat, rather the images selected in an already established animation have the possibility of being distributed or not.