Speeding up by time

I’m making shooter with enemies going down with force. Well I want to speed up that process of enemies spawning and enemies falling on screen, but not with timer because it speeds up the whole game (bullets, player movement and more). Is there other way I can speed it up. Please answer me if you know, thank you :slight_smile:

There are many possibilites, can you show use the events you use with timer ?

This is how I did it, but I don’t like it because it speeds up everything when it reaches >playerscore

I’m not sure it’s better way : you change time scale, you’ll have fps drop if you put it too high. it’s better to change force, and chronos steps on ennemies spawns.

Why ? It’s just a factor applied to all the things that depend on the time. It has exactly the same result than multiplying forces and other things by the timescale and it’s even better because you don’t worry if you forgot the factor at some places.

With few objects, time scale is not a problem. If you start using light and particule extension with a native game, it’s really messy ! I faces the problem on two projects : the only way to keep constant FPS was disabling/removing these extension, or limiting timescale to 1.5 max. I also notices better performance by disabling Vsync, but i had glitchs on particules moving to fast.

EDIT : i confirm, timescale is not a problem only if i disable Vsync and the frame limitation.