Splitscreen Follow Touch

I am trying to make a sprite follow touch input. I did the previously with one object by using pathfinding and MouseY() MouseX(). However, I can’t do this when I want two different objects following two different touches.

How do I make an object follow touch, but only when that touch is on their half of the screen? I also need the same for the other half of the screen at the same time.

Mouse event actions/expressions will only work for a single touch on a mobile/touch device. From what you are describing, you are going to likely need to recreate all of your events using the multitouch events.

Refer to the built in multitouch example for more detail.

Could you point me towards something more specific? I found LastTouchID(), but I have no clue how to use it to differentiate touches. My idea would be to use that to create hidden objects for pathfinding to follow using compared the position of a specific touch and a new touch has started, but I can’t quite figure out how to make it work correctly.

Check the GDevelop starter page for a multitouch example