Sprite not loading on mobile? [SOLVED] (solution in edit)

I am making a game and created a sprite to use for the background. It works perfectly fine on PC, but it refuses to appear on mobile, leaving me with a blank background, the image is larger than the screen, being 720 pixels wider than the screen. I do not know why this happens, can someone please help?

After some more research on the forums I found out that mobile only supports sprites up to 2000 x 2000 px. which is disappointing. try rezising your image if this happens to you

Yeah, unfortunately there is a relatively hard limit of 2000x2000 for mobile. It is a memory limit enforced by Chromium and other browsers (not GDevelop specific), I believe.

It used to be 1000x1000 years ago, so at least it was expanded.

Unforturnately this problem persists with apk’s as well

Any apk you build with GDevelop is built using Cordova and Electron. Electron is Chromium.

ok that makes more sense