Sprite object: changing object's SIZE (in pixels)

Could you add possibility to set object’s size in pixels, not object’s scale? Of course scale should still be there, since sometimes we just want to make object 2x bigger and then scaling is all we need, but sometime we need to change size in pixels, when e.g. we need for any reason make object 32x50 px when object is normally 64x120 px. Or any else specific size.

So could you that?

You can do it yourself :

scale = sizeYouWant/objectSize
scale = scale * 100
Action resize object :
width = objectWidth * scale
height = objectHeight * scale

So if 4ian adds this action, it is the same.

Escalibur, but you forget that this won’t be exact size. I’m talking about resizing like in GIMP or even Paint where you specify size in pixels you need to resize to (e.g. scaling object down from 32x32 to 16x16 - granted, percents may be hander in this specific case, but if you want more exotic proportions, like scaling from 32x32 to 48x48 this is not as easy as this)

Sorry, my calculations are wrong, I meant :

scaleW = exactWidthYouWant/objectSize
scaleW = scaleW * 100
scaleH = exactHeightYouWant/objectSize
scaleH = scaleH * 100
Action resize object :
width = objectWidth * scaleW
height = objectHeight * scaleH

and it works.