Sprite point to another Sprite point

There is a way to put a point of a sprite on a point of another sprite like “move point (x,y) to point (x,y) of object z”?

This should work.

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In the GD GUI:
Sprite A: move the origin point (if you need)
Sprite B: create a new Point (if you need)

action: Change position of Sprite A = NewPoint of sprite B

How to do it in this page:

No, I need to move an Object so that his Custom Point A is on the Custom Point B of the other Object

I suggest you to don’t use a Custom Point for Object 1 but change the Origin Point…
Then, if you move the Object 1 on custom Points of object 2 the Points will be on the same position.

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You can’t move an object using a custom point, only by it’s “Origin” or “Center” points. But this workaround should work.

move the position of Object1:

  • set x axis to: Object2.PointX(“Object2_point”) - Object1.PointX(“Object1_point”) + Object1.X()
  • set y axis to: Object2.PointY(“Object2_point”) - Object1.PointY(“Object1_point”) + Object1.Y()
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