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I’m new to game development and I spend some time looking for a game engine i could use on my Linux (arch/alphaos) machine. GameDevelop (hard to get topics for the name on Google) was the smallest and easiest to install, so i went with it. I understand that to create a 2d game i need to make sprites and to make the game load faster a sprite sheet is good. I looked at the sprite editor that comes with GD but i don’t really fancy it. I wanted to use spriter because it looks great and texturepacker save a lot of space. texturepacker and spriter have been integrated well with each other so i wanted to use the combo with GD. Ive gone through the forum and the site but i haven’t found what specifications GD needs to import spritesheets or if it can at all? :confused:

A reply would be much appreciated, even if you dont have an answer :smiley:

Here is about using sprite sheets: