Standard minimum system requirements for exported projects

Gdevelop version: 5.3.180:

is there a standard minimum system requirement for exported games?
For example: Could the exported project run on Windows XP or even older versions?

Which CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. is minimum required to run a Gdevelop game in general?

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I do not know a full answer to this, since I think some will depend on your game, however, I have a game on Steam that is 314 MB. The oldest I tested it on was WIN7 with a Intel i5 2 core 2.4Ghz 4GB RAM onboard graphics (its an old Dell laptop) and it ran fine.

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The bare minimum requirements are the current requirements to run 64 bit Chrome.

The minimum requirements will scale up the more assets you use (ram and storage), layer and object effects you have (GPU power), and objects and events you utilize (CPU needs).

Also keep in mind that Chromium based browsers (including electron, which is what turns the games into an EXE) are VSync enabled (without a way to disable it), so if you have a hard maximum FPS set to 60, and it is played on a 144hz monitor, it will bump down to the next multiple (48 fps).


I have been using it on my
Old pc from 2010

It runs perfectly
2gb ram, Intel pentium and it has no graphic card
OS: Windows 10

Well, by perfectly I don’t mean smooth but its okay it does not lag nor runs smoothly.

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64 bit; good to know: now I don’t have to install and test my old 32 bit pc setup :slight_smile:

I’m adding here my testing results from my finished game which contains a lot of collision objects (maybe it is helpful for future readers):

Minimum system test:
4 GB RAM, OS: Windows 7.
(result: no performance issues)

Maximum system test:
16 GB RAM, OS:Windows 10
(result: no performance issues)