Stange value offset

Hello again, i have encauntered lots of problems in my project, but i try to figure them out on my own if i thiink i can.
However, i will ask alot of questions in the near future.

One of the problems i have now doesnt make any sense to me, so here i am, asking.
My UI elements Health/Stamina/Magic work pretty fine, but when the Values getting bigger, the more the offset is. The start valure 100 works perfectly, 200 has an offset of 1pixel, 300 has an offset of 2pixel and so on. Mathematicly, they should be identical, so i have no clue, where the offset comes from.

Idk why this is happening, but I guess you can fix it by adding 1 for each 100px, right?

Figured it out.
As i thought, it was a rounding issure (that could not be solved by rounding, lol)
I put the original sprite Sizes the same and set them to 50 (instead of 51)