Start Scene / Title Scene

Hello everyone!

This is probably a silly question, but how do I set a specific Scene to be the first one to load / start with?

I can’t quite figure it out, I feel like I’m missing something. Thanks in advance!

Loving Gdevelop by the way, glad I came back to it after a while.


When you launch your game, GDevelop will automatically run the first scene that appears in the scene list. Therefore you have to put the desired scene at the top of the scene list. To do so, open the project manager (at the top left of the screen) and extend the scene list if it’s not already done. Right click on the desired scene and choose “move up”. Repeat the last step untill the scene is at the top of the list.

Thanks, mackomando! :blush: Didn’t know it’d be that easy, haha.

You’re welcome :smiley: and don’t worry, it’s part of the learning process! Now, put [SOLVED] at the beginning of the title so people can know that the subject is closed.

Have a nice day!