Static background, scrolling objects

Hello everybody! :slight_smile:

Well, i´m developing a game where the player do not run, only can move up and down to catch objects that scroll horizontally), do you know where can i find a tutorial to do that or if someone know how to do it, can leave a few explication, i would be very grateful.

Thank you all :blush:

You could simply make the player object only move up and down and spawn object that it catches outside the screen and add a force to them when they are created, in the direction you want with the speed you like.
For static backgroumd, just add it to another layer.
Hope it helps

Take a look on parallax scrolling example, it can be an idea, just according you would wish to adapt it vertically.

Hi man. Thank you for your answer :unamused:
So, i need to create 3 layers? one for the background, other for the player and other for the scroller objects?