Stone doesn't delete

Why doesn’t the stone delete in this code? The normal value is 0 of the global variable stone timer

Hi, when you are in collision you are resetting the timer. Since the collision condition is true as long as your sprites overlap, the timer is reset constantly before going to 3 seconds. You can fix that by adding a “Trigger once while true” - condition.

Thanks that works now, but why doesn’t the stone “respawn” now? it disappears but doesn’t respawn?

But it does disappear

You are resetting the timer after 3 seconds so it can never go up to 10. I would just delete the Reset timer in the second block.

Now it works if you “mine” it once but the second time it stays infinite time. How to fix that? Someone knows?

You pause the timer and it never gets unpaused again. You can just drag the ‘Reset the timer’- action to the last block and delete the ‘unpause timer’-action.

Just as an example, this is all what it needs to spawn to different types of objects at different times with the same timer: