Stop game scrolling back left

Is there anyway to stop the game left

I am trying to create a Mario style game where the game only scrolls right and the player can not return left.
I thought about just disabling the left control in the key is pressed but It didn’t quite do the job.

What have you done so far? Best is to provide some screen snips of your events to show how you’ve implemented scrolling.

Not done anything at all as I really don’t know where to start I’ve looked on the event page but can find anything

You must have done something, otherise you wouldn’t have made that comment. So what did you do here?

Yes, you can do this.
The simplest way is probably to create a variable like “MinCamera.X” and set it to Camera.X() every frame. Then update your camera movement event to move with limits using MinCamera.X, or check to see if Camera.X() is less than MinCamera.X and if so set the Camera X position to be MinCamera.X