Store different value in a specific order


In my project the player in game made 1 to 6 choices.
But the results of the choices won’t appear before all the choices are made. The number of choices the player has to make is random.

To make an “effect”, i would like to reveal the consequences one by one.
Reveal choice1
after 0.5 secondes reveals choice 2

For the moment i use a local variable on the case the player choose and it reveal all thoses cases at once.
So I was thinking to use global variable to store the order, but i don’t achaive to make it works.

Is there a simple way to do it?

The only difference between scene variable and global variable is that global can be accessed from any scene, and it doesn’t sound like this is related to your issue.
If by “cases”, you mean boxes/cells, you’re not using the right word.
Why not use the French forum? :slight_smile:

To reveal all the choices at the end, you need to store the number or name of each one in order.
I see two ways to proceed: you can create a structure variable and for each choice, you create a numbered child variable containing the choice, or you can store the order number of each choice in an instance variable of each choice object, and then call them in order.

Thanks for your help.

What i failed is to store the value in order
variable “choice 1”
second choice in variable “choice 2”

Look for “dynamic access” on the structure page.
You can use variables to set the variable names.