Storing text inputs?

Hey everybody! I have a text entry box in my game and would like to create a system where the player enters their name through it, and that string of text would be called throughout the game. How can I go about doing this? From my experience, I would assume that you’d use some variable system, but I’m not too familiar with the drag and drop nature of GDEVELOP. Thanks in advance!

Yes, you need to store the name in a variable.
I’m not sure which drag and drop you refer to.
Have you checked the wiki pages for text input and the related example projects?

Hello! Thanks for the response. I said drag and drop out of habit, what I meant was the code building system Gdevelop utilizes instead of having to write original code yourself. I’ve been bouncing all over the wiki trying to figure this out. I’m getting it slowly but surely, but I’m stuck on this one bit where I want to store a text input and then clear the text entry box so that it can be used again. Thanks for the quick response again!

Change the text of variable SomeVariableName = InputTextObjectName.Text()
Change the text of TextEntryBoxObject = “”