Strange audio cutoff in a specific scenario

I’m using the basic “play sound” action, and in a very specific niche scenario one of my sounds will get cut off by another despite me not using any channels. More specifically, in my game, whenever I jump after killing this second enemy, the explosion sound it makes gets cut off.

the scripts in question that are causing the issue:

link: a video example of exactly what I’m doing to get it to cut off and it happening (running forward with d, jumping with space, jumping on top of both enemies and immediately double jumping by pressing space again after killing the second enemy)

another link: my project file where this issue is happening

it could just be my scripts, but i’m like 99% sure this is a niche bug

Update: After switching ALL the sounds around using completely different sources, it still happens… I’m very confused… I’m going to assume it actually is just a niche bug that has nothing to do with the audio files themselves

Why don’t you use channels? What happens if you play the sounds on different channels?

If I use channels then yeah, the sounds don’t cut each other off. But as far as I can tell, this is not intentional behavior for the play sound action and that’s what my bug report is about