Strange behaviour when using Physics Engine 2.0

I’m using the Physics2 behaviour to control the player on the platform, but for some reason after jumping it stops completely for a moment before accerelating again.

Also when jumping against the wall and still holding the left (or right) key, the character sticks to the wall and only falls down after releasing.

I have used this video to get started, but I have no idea what went wrong.

Try to see this tutorial!

The tutorial Isn’t help you, please put here screenshot the Events part of your game!
Sorry for bad english

Are you using platform character and physics behaviours on the player? If so, you may need to remove one of them.

Otherwise, screen shot your jump and move events.

I’m only using the Physics2 behaviour both on the player and the platforms. Looks like when landing, the horizontal velocity isn’t preserved.
Here is the code (ignore the P2P events):

Also, here is a video of the bugs:

If you take out the “trigger event on connected clients” actions, does that have an impact?

BTW, you haven’t set public access to the video.

In the video, @ElementerTheDragon indicates that with the condition “the linear x velocity > 200”, the 200 refers to a position. I’ve also had a PM from @ElementerTheDragon about this (note - please do not PM about things that should be discussed publicly), and this was my reply :

That 200 is the velocity, and is correct. You’ve tested it incorrectly.

If you change it to “the linear velocity on X of player > 800” and leave the action as “set linear X velocity = 200”, you’ll see the player’s speed stutters - it speeds up then reduces a significant amount. And the stutter or change of velocity back to 200 is well before the x position of 800. So it has nothing to do with the position.

That 200 is the velocity, and is correct. You’ve tested it incorrectly.

What is the correct way to test it then? How can I set a maximum velocity? Even if I set “The linear velocity on X of player > 200”, there is a significant stuttering.
And has this anything to do with the sticking-to-the-wall bug?

No, I wasn’t referring to what you’ve done, and that was my PM resply to ElementerTheDragon about the video (now deleted) in which the testing wasn’t correct.

I’ve created a small project that has an object moved by forces. It’s smooth.

Did you take out all the “trigger event on connected clients” actions to see if they were causing the lag?

So I think I figured it out: I’ve applied a x1.5 camera zoom which kind of amplifies the lag. (I used the zoom because the image used for the platform can’t be bigger due to its resolution.)

But this still doesn’t explain why the player sticks to the walls when I keep pressing right:

This video is maded to help in collision player - wall