Strange crash after new update

I’ve never seen a crash like this in Gdevelop:

This happened after installing the newest update and running a preview of my game. It seems to happen randomly when my weapon “slash” object collides with my enemies “hitbox” object.

Just a test, can you check if the “hitbox” object is using the default collision mask? If yes, can you try enabling the manual one and keep the same proportions as it was before, then check the game again?

For some reason I think that fixed it! I appreciate the help!

No problem, I recommend never using the default one, sometimes it doesn’t even register the collision so I just stopped using.

Don’t mean to necro my own post but just wanted to report that this crash is still happening every now and then and I have no idea why. I am using custom collisions for all my objects so hopefully it’s a bug with the engine that can be fixed with updates. :confused:

In another post an user got the error fixed by using the default one, so it seems that its just kinda random, since you temporarily got it fixed by using the custom ones.