Subscription doesn't work

paid 2 euro for the subscription 6 hours ago. but it still doest work.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble subscribing :confused:
Did the process go okay? Did you get a receipt or confirmation from the payment processor or Gdevelop?

Yes, I got the receipt from Gdevelop. Can I post it here?

soooo…whats going on? should i start worrying about it?
p.s.: its still doesnt work…

I think you need to talk to @4ian on this issue. He should be the only one who can help you.

Thanks for the screenshot and your patience @Mashuvat
Please send the screenshot to the owner @4ian along with your GDevelop account e-mail address, and he’ll sort you out. :slight_smile:

@Gruk, @The_Gem_Dev,
thanks guys, I wrote to him.
I hope its helps, because the subscription still doesn’t work

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so, it still doesnt work, and there is no response from @4ian.
I’m very upset

Don’t worry, he’ll fix it, give him some time, he’s a busy man. :slight_smile:

If he still did not replied, try to email him, you can find his email on GitHub if you login and view his profile:
You can also just post an issue on GitHub he is more likely notice that:

If you happen to have linkedIn you can also contact him there:

4ian is getting lots of pm`s and mentions on the forum from people requesting features, complaining, asking for help with their games…etc, I can imagine he turned the notifications off and ignoring most of them.
If that is the case, I think the forum should have a section dedicated to report problems with the subscription and at least listen to that section of the forum. Not getting a reply after 3 days about a problem with subscription and payment is not nice, should be priority somewhere between life and work.

Sorry about this issue! I’m investigating now :slight_smile:

:kissing_smiling_eyes: omg, thank u.
because I already thought I would have to register on the github so that you would pay attention to me

@Mashuvat Seems like your subscription got cancelled:

…4 minutes after getting the subscription.
Did you get back to the “Free subscription” after paying, in your profile in GDevelop?

You profile in GDevelop should currently indicate that you don’t have any subscription - which is technically correct :slight_smile:

I’ve set up your account with a coupon so you have one month free:
meaning that you can subscribe again (use the same card and same email), and you won’t pay again (if that’s the case no worries I’ll refund you).

Sorry about the confusion. I’m not sure what happened because all logs indicate that systems worked properly.
Let me know once you got the new subscription so that I can verify your account.

Also in case of problem, there is an email address at the bottom of the receipt email so that you can contact me directly :wink:

so, im just paid for indi subscription again…) and its works
but it seems the money was debited from the card again

Indeed it was! I’ve refunded you the €2 (wait for 3-10 days to see it in your bank account) and also added back (properly this time) a coupon so that you get next month free :slight_smile:

Thanks❤ I’ll check it later

@4ian it works. thanks!
@Gruk @The_Gem_Dev @ddabrahim - guys thank you for your support

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