Subscription problem

first of all, many thanks for your awesome effort!

Sep 29 got GDevelop Silver Subscription and now is gone… just back to free plan…
Please give me any feedback…, an email to send details to help me recover my Silver…

Please email with your account email address :slight_smile:

Are you sure your last payment was successful? If your PayPal account or credit card was unable to be charged, your subscription will be cancelled (you can just subscribe again).

done! email with transaction details sent.
thank you for your fast response!
best wishes!

…also, i want to note that after payment i used the Silver Subscription to export HTML5 without the logo… without a problem… but yestarday when come back to my project… silver has gone…

please if it is possible for you, inform me about the status of my subscription problem …it is still there

thank you for your time

I think you have to reach because there is no billing support on the forum, everything is done by email with the appropriate support.

I understand than i’m not the only one seeking for help and for sure i’m not high priority case…
… waitting for a reply, after sent transcaction details …