Sum of Animations

How would i go about creating a sum of one objects animations, say i have 100 objects, 70 of them are currently displaying animation#1, while the remaining 30 are displaying animation#2. Im currently reading up on variables, would be interesting to hear how you would handle this.

Thank you in advance,

  • Sebby :slight_smile:

You can use the PickedInstancesCount(objectName) expression. In the expression builder it’s under objects->objects or you can start typing it’s name. There’s also an object condition to trigger something if there are a certain number.

You need to use a condition(s) that picks objects first. Conditions work like filters and pick the instances that match the condition(s). Also, since it won’t trigger the action if there are no objects that match the condition, it’s easiest if you set the variable’s value to 0 before the event.

Edit: whoops, wrong image. Here’s the right one.