Survive Custom - Divergent Conflicts

A new screenshot! Sorry to keep you all waiting.

Jump or not?

We are proud to announce that the demo will be voice acted!

The first room has been finished designed! Tell me what you think about it. :smiley:

Wonderful job you managed to complete it for how long?

Really congratulations.

Looks good!, surely is not easy to get 3d box objects to look this way :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! It took me a whole day to create it!

Using 3D with Gdevelop sounds interesting. I assume there are 3D boxes involved?
Anyway, there are definitely extra obstacles when working on 3D projects since a lot of features are not yet supported, that makes the effort all the more valuable. :slight_smile:

Yeah, those are done with 3d boxes. Took alot of time though!

Another screenshot featuring a room with a small fire.

A computer room screenshot!

It’s looking pretty good!, really nice room :smiley:
What is and what is not a 3D box object?, the PC’s and the chairs are sprites, right? :slight_smile:

Haha, thats the half truth. The truth is that all of it are 3d boxes. I used transparent images as a way to manipulate it to represent as a single image which is like a sprite. :smiley:

Ah, OK, remember that you can animate a sprite but not a 3D box :slight_smile:

Yeah i know but there’s reasons why i do so. :smiley:

Another screenshot showing mother-nature in it! :smiley:

Another screenshot featuring a room and Earth itself! :smiley:

The next room is on the way! Stay for the next update.

New Update screenshot. I have spent months to improve my art skills and also to decide the art style that I want for this game.

what about the compliments you deserve?
in short, a curiosity is not about 3d graphics or is it?
the thing I like the most is the camera from above

It is really impressive what you have done with the 3D boxes.
I can’t even imagine how much work you put in to this, I mean to make a 3D top-down shooter in a 2D game maker.

Though, I would like to see this game made in GDevelop, my opinion is that you picked the wrong engine and make it more difficult for no reason. You could get the same and even better results in minutes using a 3D engine like GameGuru and the free FPS Creator assets for example.

FPS Creator
(free assets on the bottom of the page)

I believe there was a MOD for FPS Creator to make top-down shooter games, it might be no longer available though but the assets from FPSC still very useful for making such games in GameGuru. Especially the wall, floor, door and window segments.