switch pure 2d or 3d

i have see that program use 3d this cause problem with intel card in ubuntu, can you create a switch mode: 2d or 3d, in the 2d mode the user can’t use the 3d boxs and other relate 3d features, but have a power to run application with old video card or bad videocard :smiley:

It cannot be achieved, there is no difference between 2D or 3D rendering : OpenGL is used all time, but in a 2D fashion ( And it is a good thing as otherwise, the performance would be really bad ).
In fact, it’s not the role of developers of softwares to take care of bad implementation of graphics card on Ubuntu : It’s the role of Intel and/or the Ubuntu(or GNU/Linux) team.

OpenGL? Aaaaah, anyone know a graphics card that will fit into a low-profile, PCI (no -E) slot that supports OpenGL? GMA950 seems to hate OpenGL XD.

i have gma the program in windows go, but the linux version not go

ok, i wait for decent support of drivers

You could probably get a cheap graphics card that supports openGL, I found one on Ebay that seems to be pretty good for PCI and low profile, so I guess it’s probably possible to get almost almost any computer OpenGL compatible.