Synced Projects Files & Folders - More Organized?

Hi All,
I may repeat this again and again so I apologize ahead:
So I came from Construct game engine, and usually when I import my files, if it’s PNG Sequence for my sprites, music, sound effects etc…
Everything is organized inside dedicated directories so the MAIN project file is on the main root, but the rest of the files are organized in directories.

Not only that, but for example inside my Sprites I can create sub-directories (inside the engine, it will update the directories anyway) for EACH Character, Tiles, Sound, etc… so everything is MUCH easier to find that way.

Since I’m new to GDevelop, I may do something wrong but I didn’t see or maybe I didn’t find a way to keep my project organized as I start importing many files.

I also noticed that EVERYTHING is on the root project, that’s a lot of files to go lost while it’s growing… even just one Sprite with few animations is a lot of files already.

Is there a hidden secret way to organize it manually like in Construct, GameMaker Studio, Unity, Godot or basically any other game engine?

or it’s something that is coming soon?
Adding Folders within GDevelop that are SYNCED in Windows OS (or others).

I’m sorry if my question is weird, I’m still a noob around here and I try to find some ways to get more comfortable with GDevelop which I slowly fall in love with but still… have MUCH to learn, Thanks ahead! :slight_smile:

As far as I know, the answer to your question is no.

You can make subfolders to store your assets and specify for it to not copy the files to the root directory when adding them to the game, if that makes it easier for you. They’ll still be added and usable this way.

Otherwise, you’ll want to vote up and follow this Trello post: Trello


Thanks I just voted! :+1: