Tank tutorial issues

Hello, I’m having a difficult time with the Tank turtorial, and I’ms tarting to think the written/online tutorial is outdated because: 1) “Add Turret to the scene” tels me to click on the object, then click on the “scene” in the editor to add it. BUT, that doesn’t work, nor does right clicking, what does work is dragging and dropping. 2) Adding my first action and "After click/selecting the “Add Action”, a new list panel will appear. Choose the action “Common action for all objects”. A drop-down list of more options will appear. Select/click “Angle”. Another drop-down list will be shown. Select/click “Rotate toward the position”. This “Common action for all objects” does not exist, but I do see “Angle”–> “Rotate towards position.”

Here’s where I’m stuck: “When “Rotate toward the position” is selected, another list of choices will open on the right side of the selector panel. It displays the name of the action as well as the parameters for the action. Fill in the first parameter by selecting/clicking on “Object”. “turret” will pop up from a list of the available objects. Select “turret” from the list.” Yea, but no… Another menu comes up, yes, but it’s for inputting numeric values, and I see no place to add “turret” [or in my case my custom name] in any list, or, a list at all.

I’m definitely not mad, but I don’t deny it’s a little frustrating, and the video of the tutorial is ultra short and really doesn’t teach me anything. Now, I know that this isn’t Unity where things get updated all the time (no doubt the tutorials too,) so my expectations are realistic. But… Still, I need help, and if these issues show up this early in the tutorial then I’m certain there are others; so, I’ll no doubt be asking for help often.

Whatever help people can give would be great, I’m totally down to be on Discord and share my screen so people can see the issues I have.

Hi, the tank example is a bit outdated.

The selector screen has been updated after that. So, try searching “Rotate towards” And the option should come up. In the Object parameter, a drop down of the objects will show up. Enter the one you want and fill in the other parameters too

The updates to the page will be made soon