TD GAME. Multiple towers with their own XP, Attack speed ETC

I need help, been stuck on this for over 7 days now.

I want to create a tower defense game garden-themed where instead of upgrading the towers, you have a bunch of seeds (in this specific example, flower seeds) and you use them to grow seedlings in a flower pot (taking x time to create) and then dragging and dropping them on a Tower_Zone object on the map. The Tower_Zone object is the Tower itself that has different levels, animations (sunflower_tower_animation, tomato_tower_animation) experience points, dmg, dropping system, and so on. Every time a tower gets at a specific level, the tower can be collected to receive seeds for future tower creations and fruits for winning conditions.

I want each instance of the tower to have its own experience points, dmg, level, attack speed, animations, and so on.

This is where I want help, I do not know how to create unique IDs or instances so each tower has its own life cycle every time it’s created.

I am in the current situation when a tower kills a monster, the experience points are the same for all towers, when I collect a tower, other towers are collected, and when I try to replant another tower at the same tower zone, the game bugs and all the silly stuff happens. I don’t even want to list the silliness.

Have you tried object variables?
There is also some conditions and events for picking which object you’re referring to.

That’s what I don’t know how to do. How do I give each Tower_Zone a unique ID and the how do I use that to trigger different actions for each tower.

If there is multiple instances of an object it kinda already does make a unique ID for each object, but I don’t believe there’s any way to use those.

Make an object variable for each of the stats of the Tower_Zone, which I think you already did. I don’t know exactly how, but try narrowing done the conditions so that it would only pick one tower.

Conditions: Enemy dies.
Events: Add xp.
Conditions: Enemy dies, tower distance to enemy < 100, pick random (maybe).
Events: Add xp.

That’s all figured out. All those actions are functional for one Tower. I have done exp, level up, monster dmg, win condition, everything is working. Until I try to create another tower then all of that stuff messes up with the other towers.

I don’t know if I completely understand your problem, but if it is more complicated then what I thought then I probably can’t help. Either way, could you maybe send a screenshot of the code so others can see?