Terraria (Similar game) Develop - Pixels blurred

Hello, I tried to put a character but its pixels are blurred or faded (Using the Gdevelop editor did not fix it) it is a character of 46 Height X 23 Width, I would like to make each pixel very noticeable, but I can’t…


Thanks a lot! Now I can continue with the development of the game, it is my first time in everything, both development and design, I will surely have more doubts in the not too distant future, so I would really appreciate it if you could help me another time in case I get stuck. ^w^
P.D He also recently created a YouTube channel for me, where I will slowly publish the progress he made in this Odyssey… Mistakes, failures, doubts and surely many more disasters along the way! In case you’re curious, the channel is “Elementer The Dragon” (Spanish language) and currently with only 1 video [Sorry for the spam, but I’m quite excited!]

Don’t forget about the search feature…a lot of the questions/problems you’ll run into have already been answered! I’ve learned a lot by searching past forum threads. For example: Search “blurred pixels”


Ok, thanks next time I search in forum! (My english is so bad, sorry :frowning: )