Text entry - text object saved to Global Variable

Hi Folks!
It’s me again! I am having a problem with Text entry and text object…

I am entering a text ( with text entry) and I want to use backspace to delete a character displayed in the text object, but it is not working. Is it a bug or do I need to write another event to backspace keyboard entry?

I think that the keyboard settings don’t match my keyboard. How do I fix that?
How can I limit the amount of characters a text object can have?

It’s a bug, it’s going to be fixed. (Funny because a french user reported it a few days ago!)
To limit the length, use the SubStr expression:

Do =SubStr(TextEntry.String(), 10) to the text of TextEntry


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Ok, thanks!

Fixed for next version (probably a release next week or the week after). :slight_smile:

Hey, this is good news!
Waiting for it!