Text Input doesn't work when changing text with a keyboard input

I was trying to do a text box sort of thing where pressing space would change the text. It worked with when there were only two pieces of text to see but once I made it so you pressed space to change the text from one thing to the other & then pressed it again to change the text to something different, it just skipped the second one. For example, if the first text was “hi”, the second was “how are you?” and the third was “good” it would skip “how are you?” and go straight from “hi” to “good” when you pressed space. Is there a way to fix this or is it just a bug?

What I think might be happening is: You press the space key, it changes to second text but as it is second text now, and you’re still pressing the space key (cause you’re not a superhuman to release the key right after the text changes) it changes to the next text again.

What you can do to prevent that is to use a variable and increment it instead of changing the text directly.
Something like this:

If "Space" key is pressed:
Trigger Once
Change the variable currentText + 1

If variable currentText = 0:
Change the text to "first text"
If variable currentText = 1:
Change the text to "second text"
If variable currentText = 3:
Change the text to "third text"

You should really provide a screen shot of your events, because how you’ve written it may no be how we think you’ve written it.

It does sound like you’re missing a trigger once in the “space key is pressed” condition, as per @Muzan’s response.