Text object and Unicode = Squares

When using in text object Unicode characters (e.g. infinity symbol) even if font support said glyph, you’ll see “square” in text. Infinity symbol which you see on Gravicannon screenshots is rotated 8 by 90 degrees because of that. Though making it work for more complicated Unicode glyphs, e.g. Hiragana/Katakana is not as simple.

TL;DR: You’ll get “square” if you use Unicode character in text object even if font used (like Times New Roman) supports Unicode.

But, the text of the text object is typed with wxWidget and it’s not built Unicode

Well, every modern lib supports Unicode in one way or another so it is just matter of enabling it on 4ian’s part. Probably as simple as control.useUnicode = true; (not that I never used wxWidgets so it may not be exact code).

Another proof that wxWidgets supports Unicode is that Audacity is written with it and it DOES support unicode - otherwise Japanese translation wouldn’t work (my mom is learning japanese so she set $LOCALE on her desktop to jp_JP).

Also remember that there are no impossible things, there is only lack of skills so it is just matter of finding a solution.