Text object problem

Hello everyone. Yesterday I started trying to learn how to make a game and I’ve been following the tutorial that I link here:


It has been great, everything works correctly except one thing, the text object (not the text entry object)
Everytime I insert the text object happens the following things:
1)The text never appears, I tried changing the color and size of the text, changed fonts and nothing, It doesn’t work.
2)The game doesn’t run when I click the Preview button, it just loads till 100% and gets stucked there

Mmmh I think it’s worth clarifying that im doing this in an 8 yeard old laptop (1.4ghz celeron cpu and 2gb Ram with windows XP)

Sooo maybe compatibility issues :confused:

I hope you can help me figure out whats happening, I look forward to your answers :smiley:


PD: Sorry if there’s some bad english anywhere

Hi, welcome, and don’t worry. I guess it can be figured out. :slight_smile:

So the game works normally before adding the text object?
If yes, please make a screenshot of the text object-related events and add it here if possible.

Thanks for the quick answer!

Yes, the game launch’s and runs well before adding the text object. After adding it however, the game loads untill it reaches 100% and gets stuck there as you can see in the sreenshot. :frowning:
Besides this, i noticed that in the text edition window it says “the font cannot be previewed” and I didnt see that in any of the tutorials i’ve watched/read. And again, the changes I make there (besides the colour) dont apply to the text it self: the font doesnt even appear in the list and the size goes back to 3.19…. :open_mouth:

Hope this helps!

Maybe GD can’t find the system fonts, did you try to download a font and use it in the text object? :slight_smile:

Edit: The text object tip indicates that a font provided with GDevelop is used by default (Liberation), so GD should find the font… Anyway try this example, just a text object with a custom font:
FontTest.zip (165 KB)
With a custom font maybe the native platform is still broken, but it should fix the web version :confused: