Text object resizing

is there any way to change the size of a text object without using the scale option?
i think it’s very stupid how you can’t change the width or height on the code.

What are you talking about when you say sizing?

If you mean visual size of the characters, text objects are based on font size and the characters within it, and for text/bbtext they use your OS’ text rendering method. So you can’t change its rendering size beyond the scale options. You cannot distort them since they are drawn mostly by the OS, but you could always change the font size as needed

If you mean where the actual object’s width/height, which impacts word wrap, you just need to select “custom size” on the instance of the text object and set it to whatever width you want it to wrap at.

If you mean anything else, more context is needed.

you cant change these in code ^^ like you can do with a normal object