Text refresh issue on external layout

I am trying to use an external layout as the end of level summary menu, this way I can use it across scenes. I use scene variables to store the gems and animals collected, which I then add to the global gem and animal scores to show the player the total scores across all levels played.

I’m able to pull in the external layout, it displays all of the expected sprites. However when I update the text sprites to show the global scores I can’t get it to actually show up.

I’ve written the value to the console and they show as expected. I use the same globals on the level selection page and I can see them correctly recording the values across levels. I just can’t get them to show up on the actual end of level external event.
Here are the conditions and logic for creating the external layout, moving the scene values to the global values and updating the text sprites to the global variable values. You’ll notice the log message to the console and the expected values do appear in the console, but never on the external layout.

I’ve confirmed that the Z Order is correct.

Is it something to do with the player being stopped during this action and the external layout doesn’t refresh? Is there some specific event I need to use to force the external layout to reflect the new text sprite values? Am I messing something up about global variables?
Here is the basic events I use on the level selection screen to show the current scores, it works as expected but does not involve any external layouts.

Thanks for the help.

Here is the correct second screenshot

Try removing the [trigger once] from the [for each object] For some reason they don’t play well together. You can always add a different condition or Boolean if needed.

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Hello, thoe!

If the important tip of the @Keith_1357 is not enough, try to take all the actions that will run after the “create external layout action” and put them in a subevent. Something like this:

Thanks @Rasterisko and @Keith_1357 a combination of both actions is at least getting some numbers to show up (all zeros), but it is progress!

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