The ability to select all on screen instances of a selected sprite

I am starting to understand some aspects of GD, and am actually having fun (most of the time) :rofl:

I have had a few times where I wanted to either move all instances of specific sprite to a different part of the level, or change other things about them. When I have dozens of them, it is so time consuming, and sometimes difficult to select them all at once.

If there was an option to select one instance, or the original that is on the right side of interface, and right click to an option to “select all on screen instances”, that would be a HUGE time saver.

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I think the same. Maybe a good way to resolve this is the “Instance List” could be enabled to choose more than one instance. So this would be easy to find which instance we want in scene by looking for the name and choosing all we need.

But for now it’s just possible to select only one. :pensive: