the antivirus blocks my setup

I wanted to ask you if the setup (GDevelop 5) is safe because every time I open it the antivirus blocks it

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I use GDevelop since 2008, so for me it’s safe.

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The Antivirus block it only because it is “unknown” and it does not have a signature.
May even Windows going to complain and claim that this file can be harmful because of the above but it does not mean it is not secure, only that it is “unknown” and can be dangerous.

It is safe, but if you are uncertain, upload it to virustotal it is going to test it with 60+ antiviruses for you:

In case any of them claim that it is dangerous, keep that in mind Antiviruses can make mistakes too. If only 3-4 less known antivirus claim that it is dangerous out of 60+, it is ok. If the most popular ones find it secure, it is usually secure.

Most popular ones in no particular order:


This is the main ones, if all this find it secure, it is usually secure.

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